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  • “The Arabic language doesn’t just belong to Arabs. I admire ... the Arabic language. There’s a certain connectedness about the Arabic language that is ... very fulfilling and ... as you learn it ... you come to a better understanding of what it means to be connected. A family was brought closer together because one member was able to sing ‘Happy Birthday‘ in Arabic”
    -Baba Kerr
  • "When I found out this class was going to be offered here, I wanted to take it so I could do something completely different from my normal routine. It is not what I thought it would be. I learned to get out ofmy comfort zone, and in a good way.”
    - Mark Pace
  • “We have also learned much about the Arabic culture, learning about their food, their dress and their faith.”
    - Dawn Marie Omokunde
  • “Being in the class makes it easier for me to greet people in Arabic and have a basic understanding of Arabic culture. Students in the class were from different walks of life and I and my class mates were able to help each other learn the language. The class also broadened my vocabulary and my scope of learning,”
    -Zina Hardee
  • “I have met Arabic people and families in Henderson and I am able to communicate with them in Arabic and now have developed a friendship.”
    -Howard Herring, Jr.
  • “The best part of being in the class, for me, is the friendships I’ve developed.”
    -Robin Kawash.
  • "I am a graduate of the second class offered by Dr. Ayesh. I took the course so that I may better communicate with members of the Oxford Muslim Middle Eastern/North African members of our community. I was also interested in Arabic because it is an Ancient language useful in understanding Biblical History. I found the lessons a little challenging but always helpful especially the deep breathing exercise helpful to our health, and the affirmation that reinforces our self-worth and how blessed we truly are. As a follow-up to our class I remain in weekly conversation with Middle Easterners when I fill up my car with gas and conversations with Dr. Ayesh from time to time. I am planning to soon read a book published some time ago written by Khaled Hosseini , “And The Mountains Echoed” a novel about family challenges in Afghanistan. This too will broaden my understanding and appreciation for people I may not fully understand. I am hopeful that means will be found to make Arabic Language Classes more affordable to all including those who speak some form of Arabic but would like to understand classic Arabic taught by Dr. Ayesh. In addition, others should be encouraged who want to better understand our growing Muslim community and want to make them feel welcomed.
    - Richard Pulsifer
  • "Dear Dr. A Ayesh, You were an avid fan of my father and since he passed I have been glad to get to know you as well. You have networked me to get to know many others that would share the dream of teaching people how to heal themselves. I am especially grateful for being introduced to Anthony White since his company has taken on the Virtual Academy Project. It is an honor and a priveledge that you ask me to say a few things about my experience with you. I find you to be an honest and goodhearted person who looks for the good in everyone and look forward to continued association in love and peace.
    - Your friend,
    Karl John West IAL President
  • "Doctor A. We are thrilled to be involved with the largest Pixel advertising page on Earth. It's also a pleasure to have associated this wonderful advertising medium with the Exchange. Contact Doctor A and he'll get you in touch with the proper affiliates so that you too can be a part of history."
    - Barry Malkin Chicago, USA @ www.pixmeup.com/aaiexchange
  • "Dr. A., I was in the market for a laptop computer and only wanted to spend around $500.  I thought I would have to buy a refurbished laptop to get the features I wanted.  Then I went to "The Best Deals of the Week" link under Technology Solutions at www.aaiexchange.com and found just what I wanted at Tigerdirect.  Now I have a brand new Laptop with all the bells and whistles that I wanted.  Boy am I glad to have this affiliation with AAIexchnage. "
    Rich Maestas, Founder AAIexchange:

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